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Our attorneys at Samp & Associates are familiar with complex property distribution. California is referred to as a “community property” state. This generally means that all property earned during the marriage should be split equally between spouses or partners and all property originally brought into the marriage should be that person’s sole property. That being said, there are many legal concepts that can complicate this general idea. Its a sad reality that many participants in a divorce or legal separate do not understand that they may be affording the opposing party with more property than they deserve, or conversely, they do not realize that they are entitled to more property than they agree to take. In many situations, once a final decision is made, the options to rectify the situation are extremely limited.
Let the attorneys at Samp and Associates guide you through this property and educate you as to what property you are rightfully entitled to. With our knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that the opposition is not hiding valuable assets and that you received what is rightfully yours.

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